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Laundry Studio 

Freelance Pattern Design


Laundry Studio is a surface design studio in Portland Oregon. I started out here as an intern and progressed to a Freelance Designer. I Created many designs for apparel here. I worked on many projects for apparel here including engineered prints, repeat design, original prints, and graphic design for Tee's. 

For each brief given, I created many options so as to provide the client with a broad range to choose from. In these projects I was working under the art direction of Jennifer Stady, Creative director and Owner of Laundry Studios. This really helped me learn how to present to clients.



Moutnain Hardwear


Nike Golf



Old Navy


In this position I also created mood boards to inspire or add to briefs that we had been given. This process really helped me shape my ideas and make sure they were on trend. 

As a Designer, I work in several different ways. I like to start off of the computer, working with my hands. I always start by collecting inspirational research and then I move on to either illustration or drawing made by hand and scanned into the computer. After I have created a file of collected references and a language of marks, I start working with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to translate that into a print. 

I first learned the process of making a repeat by hand, with silk screens and registration on actual fabric. This process of learning really helps me when I am building a repeat in a computer program because I have a physical understanding of how the print is going to be produced. 

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