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Haystach Mountain School of Craft

Artist Residency


This body of work was made during an artist residency at Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Deer Isle, ME. Much of the inspiration for this body of work stemmed from the natural features of the landscape. During this time I worked with natural and unatural materials to highlight features and processes of the land surrounding me. 

This Series of Drawings was made to give back to the group of artists I worked with over the two weeks I spent at Haystack Mountain School of Craft. They were a way for me to make sense and connect with the land around me as I came up with ideas for a site specific installation

People come to Haystack to develop and discover skills, to nurture their creativity, to ask questions, to reassess their work, and to push into the unknown. The combination of a stunning natural setting, a unique campus designed by award-winning architect Edward Larrabee Barnes, and the focused energy of the school community, provides an environment that supports a serious exploration of craft, ideas and imagination.


This Installation stemmed from repeatedly watching the tide come in and then recede multiple times over the course of the day. When the water started to recede back towards the ocean, it would leave incremental subtle lines in the sand. I chose to highlight these delicate lines by using materials found around me (rocks).


As The water receded I placed lines and lines of rocks where the sand lines had been. As I placed them, the tide chased me and began to cover the rocks. They remained for a while but eventually got washed out of place.


This was a time sensitive installation and it really allowed me to pour all of my focus for the day into connecting and exploring the Maine coast landscape. 

This Exploration came from a desire to protect the moss that lay underfoot in the forrest surrounding Haystack Mountain School of Craft. I wanted to play with the idea of adding art to a space in a delicate way that would force people to notice the wonder beneath their feet. 

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