Lindsey Fox creates work that celebrates and contributes to the protection of the wilderness she loves to explore. She uses pattern to create paintings that balance between abstract and landscape to capture the awe and grandeur of the outdoors. By carrying a sketchbook, she is able to record the moments, patterns, and landscapes "en plein air"and bring them into the studio to create larger interpretations of her encounters. working from these gathered drawings and sketches, rather than photographs, allows a more direct transfer of ideas.

This body of work was jumpstarted during fox's hike of the pacific crest trail in 2016. She continued this process in a studio setting once she returned which allowed for large scale work and more detail. This work has evolved into bodies of work and collaborations with apparel companies, non-profits, and charitable organizations to ensure the growth and protection of our wild places.


Wy'east from The Timberline Trail

Mt. Hood, Oregon 

64" x 45"



The Enchantments Core

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 

52" x 24"


The Enchantments Colchuck Camp

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA

52" x 18"


LF-enchantments_tojustin_less red.1.jpg

Wallowas Landscape

View of The Matterhorn from Horton pass, Oregon 

66" x 45"



Artist Point Rise

View of Mt Shuksan, North Cascades, WA

68" x 45"


Walk up Whitney 

Mt. Whitney, California

62" x 45"


Touchmark West Hills, Portland’s art collection, designed by Heidi McBride & co. 

This painting is inspired by a part of the pacific crest trail i never thought i would partake in; the climb up Mt Whitney. The alternate hike started as a casual stroll to draw at guitar lake, only a few miles up the trail. As I hiked farther up to explore, with endless switchbacks looming ahead, I started to gain confidence in my ability to make the summit. what beautiful drawings could evolve there? This thought process represented the way I approached the trail from then on; experiencing the journey as an artist, first and foremost. Though I had doubts along the way, I knew it was as simple as putting one foot in front of the other and the privilege of time. I approached the trail as a project and an artist residency. The hiking was a means to find those views and places one cannot find in a day, but eventually the romantic aspect of walking from one border of America to the other got to me and melded with the artistic project.


Tenaya Canyon

The View from atop Half Dome

Yosemite National Park 

58" x 42"



Valley View of Half Dome

Yosemite Falls Viewpoint

Yosemite National Park, CA 

64" x 45"


Larches Landscape

The Enchantments Wilderness

Leavenworth, WA 

62" x 45"


The Knife's Edge Goat Rocks Wilderness


62" x 45'


assorted watercolor paintings completed in 2017 and 2018

Made in collaboration with the Northwest Avalanche Center as a promotional tee, donated artwork at their fundraising auction, and proceeds from prints donated to furthering their avalanche education and prevention services.