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Nike Golf 

Graphic Design for Apparel 

Womens Spring 2017 

While working for Nike Golf, I created prints for the Spring 2017 Collection. This Involved creating many original prints and using several from the archives to curate a collection of apparel for men and women. This particular print was meant to be an all over print used at a small scale for a wearable staple in the collection.  


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In addition to creating the print I also worked with the Nike Golf Color team to create several color options. The print changed quite a bit once it became more subtle. This print resonated with the team because it was a subtle organic stripe that compliments the feminine form. 

This print was a more modern take on a simple stripe skirt. In this situation we decided to add a diagonal stripe to give a slimming effect to the garment. This garment changed drastically with the use of different color combinations. The more subtle stripe allows for more wearability with other interesting prints in the collection.  

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