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Nike Pro N+TC Tour Shanghai

Tight of the Moment 

Spring 2015

The NTM x N+TC Tour Shanghai strives to capture the city's spirit and evolving cultural shift towards a sport and fitness-driven lifestyle.


The tight connects to the 2015 Nike+ Training Club Tour March 8 kickoff in Shanghai, where, thousands of women will come together for a full day of workout challenges and high-energy events focused on inspiring, promoting and cultivating female athletes of all levels.  

"The placement of graphics is critical when designing the Nike Tight of the Moment," says Jamie Lee, Design Director for Women’s Training. "Following our ethos of designing arond the body in motion, we strategically place prints and colors to highlight and flatter the female form."

This print was designed while doing freelance work for Laundry Studio in Portland, OR. It was produced by Nike as a limited-edition Nike Tight of the Moment celebrating Shanghai and the N+TC Tour. The description of this project is availible online here


The new, limited-edition NTM x N+TC Tour Shanghai finds beauty in contrasts. Day and night photographs of the city’s eclectic skyline are rendered in bold red and black, merged with flowing graphics. The shape and placement of the modern urban designs complement the contours of the legs and the natural movements of the body.  Taking inspiration from the technical architecture of Shanghai's iconic skyline, these tights are as beautiful in the static form as they are in motion. Throughout the development process, the Nike design and graphics team worked closely together on extensive 3-D application testing to visualize the optimal placement for artwork to flatter the body in motion. 

For this Print, I drew from Shanghai's remarkable architecture. I thought about how it would be placed on the body as I was designing it and gave the body more flattering structure through the use of print. 

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