view of half dome from yosemite falls hike

limited edition of 30 giclee prints with 1" border 

available in two sizes

this image is limited to 30 reproductions total across all sizes

original is available for purchase (size 65”x42”)

5% of sales from this image will be donated to Yosemite Conservancy


this painting was made in the studio after having visited and sketched in yosemite

national park in the spring of 2018. this was one of the first views i got on the way up

to upper yosemite falls. as the hike continued i saw the same view evolve but still

maintain the same compositional elements. this image is a compilation of all of the

observations i made while hiking up to the top. i observed so much detail in every inch

of this view and tried to convey that level of detail into this representation. this rock

formation is iconic and the stories behind it extend long before my ancestors even

were thought of. the depth of this place can be felt and I can only be thankful that i

get to be here to witness it. every time i go to yosemite it feels like a brand new

experience and i always feel like i never want to leave and i haven’t seen enough.

through these paintings i have learned and accepted this place will outlive me and it

will always be here. it was freeing to realize something so obvious; i can always come

back, i won’t ever see everything, but that’s because this place was made for giants,

and i feel like an insect and that feels wonderful.

Half dome Yosemite Limited Edition Print