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These 8.5"x5.5" Postcards can be sent within the united states with a forever 55¢ stamp. 

Postcards will be shipped in a mailer so that packaging remains pristine 

*If ordering3 or more packs contact me for batch shipping prices.


Landscape Abstraction

This collection of postcards represents eight large-scale landscape paintings made by Lindsey Fox between 2017-2021. The artwork references landscapes in California, Oregon, and Washington. Lindsey uses ink and watercolors to create paintings that walk the line between abstract and landscape to capture the grandeur of wild places. She carries a sketchbook while hiking and records the magic and majesty of moments, patterns, and landscapes to bring back to her studio. There, she creates larger interpretations (~67”x45”) of her natural encounters. Working from drawings and sketches, rather than photographs, allows Lindsey a more direct transfer of impressions and ideas. This shift in scale was directly influenced by a five month thru-hike of The Pacific Crest Trail in 2016 during which Lindsey was confined to working in "10x10" sketchbook. Post trail, she decided to go as big as her studio would allow.

Landscape Postcard Pack

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