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artwork size 17.5"x10.5" with additional 1.5" white margins 

Limited Edition 50 Giclée Prints Lindsey Fox, 2021
46.378223° N, 122.12310° W
Materials / Watercolor + Ink Pen


This painting was made in collaboration with the Cascade Forest Conservancy (CFC) to help with their mission of protecting The Green River Valley near Lawetlat’la (Mount St. Helens). In June of 2021, I hiked out with CFC staff members and a bunch of watercolor supplies to a viewpoint on Goat Mountain. From here I painted the Green River Valley and view of Lawetlat’la to communicate the grandeur we witnessed and the importance of preserving this place. This image is currently being used to support CFC’s new Green River Valley Alliance campaign which aims to protect this special part of Washington’s Cascades from the threat of mining for good.

Since 2005, the Cascade Forest Conservancy has been working to protect the Green River Valley on the doorsetep of Mount St. Helens, from an open-pit hard rock mine. So far, they have stopped multiple decisions granting permits for prospecting operations through lawsuits, coalition building, and advocacy. But, after each victory, CFC’s opponents filed new applications and received new permits. Fighting each new attempt to mine here won’t work forever. We need to protect this place from the threat of mining permanently.

To get more involved please visit

10% of sales from this print will be donated to the Cascade Forest Conservancy

With this order I will also include two postcards for you to send out to two Washington State representatives: Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell so that you can communicate why you love the Green River Valley and why you think it is no place for a mine. 

Thank You! 

No Place for a Mine

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