Artwork 26"x16" 

In addition to size above 2" margins around entire art

Limited Edition of 30 Giclée Prints

46.50299°N, 121.46227°W


In 2016 I hiked to this very spot during a very different time in my life. I was painting while hiking The Pacific Crest Trail and I had finally come to a routine where painting on the trail had become a practiced process. Five years later and it is wonderful to see that evolution in my own work, it gives the rare opportunity to reflect rather than compare. This particular spot I remember wanting to paint but not being able to because of time and miles, a constant battle while thru-hiking. My process is faster, on larger paper, more painterly, and less focused on what the land looks like and more about the details that draw me in. The glowing green and subtle transition of landscape to Pahto (Mt. Adams) is one of my favorite views to paint in The Cascades.

Pahto Meadow