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Limited Edition 50 Giclée Prints

Ramona Falls, Oregon

45.3798° N, 121.7759° W


Clean edges on print with 1" margins for smaller size and 2" for larger size. Size in description is without the margins included.


Smaller scale standard size frame!

This size frame is also available at many other retailers. You can either get a custom mat cut for the artwork or float mount the artwork onto a piece of white matboard.


Please contact for custom larger scale printing options.


This piece was created after a circumnavigation backpacking trip around Wy'east (Mt. Hood) in the summer of 2020. This waterfall is always my favorite to paint due to all the columnar basalt shapes that show up through the water. This waterfall disperses in such a unique way and lends itself to abstraction.


Ramona Falls Limited Edition Print

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