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view of tenaya canyon from the top of half dome

limited edition of 30 giclee prints with 1" border

available in two sizes this image is limited to 30 reproductions total across all sizes

original is available for purchase (size 62”x42”)

5% of sales from this image will be donated to yosemite conservancy


this painting was made in the studio after having visited and sketched in yosemite national park in the summer of 2018. after hiking from the valley, past magnificent waterfalls and landscapes in the early morning, we got to the cables. these cables allow people to climb to the top of half dome without literally climbing the veritical face of it. this was a very humbling experience for me and my fear of heights. when i got to the top most of that fear evaporated and i was enthralled by the views of tenaya canyon, yosemite valley, and the 360º view of the sierras. i did not want to leave, half because i wanted to stay up there forever and draw, but also because i was mortified by the idea of descending the cables. i feel like every time i come back to yosemite i draw a tiny puzzle piece of a land made or giants.

Tenaya Canyon Limited Edition Print

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